Case No. 1

My request is not for myself, but for my brothers. My brothers are both physically handicapped in wheelchairs. They are unable to walk or stretch out their arms. In spite of their disabilities they both have the greatest life force I have ever known. They have alway been an inspiration to me in the way they have always overcome the many obstacles in their difficult journey. But now they are facing their hardest challenge yet, and I feel so helpless and hopeless. My mother was their only caretaker. She so very loyally and lovingly cared for them daily every single day of her life. But on Nov.28, 2010 my mother passed away (cancer). Even though her organs and system had shut down she hung on. She wouldn't "let go" because she didn't want to leave them alone. I promised her I would take care of them and that her wonderful journey is over, she has earned her rest and must walk into the light. That evening she saw angels on the ceiling and said they were singing to her, she took one last breath and was gone. My brothers are desperately missing her. The oldest cries out for her and my soul aches because I cannot bring her back. They refused to move in with me, they didn't want to leave Mima's house. Then 6 days after we laid her to rest I receive a call at 5am. My brother is hysterical and screaming that their house is on fire. I thank God daily that they made it out safely. But the house and all its contents were destroyed. They lost everything. Photographs and little keepsakes that she once held in her hands and once held dear to her heart can never be replaced. They are now homeless and bouncing around from my home to my son's home. I told him they will never be homeless, I am here, but it's not helping them. We all lost everything in Hurricane Katrina and have rebuilt but now fate has dealt a hand that I cannot handle. How do I help them, I myself am living paycheck to paycheck. My husband is the only one working as I lost my job when I was caring for my mother. Any help now would be a great blessing. Also, please pray for us, that we make it through this somehow! Thank you!

Contact information:
Tania Frilot
2404 Cong. Hebert Dr.
Chalmette, LA 70043
504-278-8980 or 504-615-8849

P.S. Thank you so very much for your Healing Art! I joined the website when my mother was first diagnosed and I can honestly say that is your heaven-sent art and inspirational prayers and meditations that helped me through. There were many days when seeing my mother, who lived the life of a saint, suffer so, just brought me to my knees. I didn't think I had the strength but I found it in your art! You have been with me all along and this I know! God led me to your site when I needed you most! Thank you.


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