The energy that we refer to in Mystic Healing Art, is a special form of vibrating harmony.  It is a force and source of equilibrium.  

The whole universe is energy. Life is energy. Death is energy. And the equilibrium of energies makes life possible. The term " Instant Energy " refers to the Spiritual Force that is produced and received after a simple concentration.

This happens because the energies that make life possible are balanced. And they resonate in equilibrium and give strength to the  energy of the person. These energies are known in China as Ying and Yang.

Even though they have different names. They are not opposite but  complementary forces and just in  apparent opposition.  One of these energies precedes and promotes the other. They are not in opposition, they are set in opposition.

They make possible the circulation of the vital energy, which also receives the name of Qi in China.

Instant Energy is a regulating force, which places in perfect balance the internal Ying and the external Yang.

By example : When a person is sick or weak is because the original energies of Ying and Yang are unbalanced.

The energy of Mystic Healing Art, works as a regulator, such as the effect produced in a deep meditation.


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