Learning is something that is not an option, it is something that sooner or later we will have to appreciate and recognize in life and -it is important to say, that we must make it part of us.
Knowledge is not another option but the sincere and profound path of life which is truly real. We must never close the eyes to live in denial , we must understand, we must improve and live in an honest, supportive, just, healthy, and happy way.

Knowledge is the experience of the moment when we mature and look above obstacles, doubts, shadows, fantasies, secrets or mysteries. From now on, the path is open. Let's go forward !

1-Words of Life 13-Serenity 25-Anatomy of the Spirit
2-A Better Perspective of Life 14-The Spiritual Couple 26-Mystic Sexuality
3-Visualization 15-Metaphysical Life 27-The Night the Stars Vanished
4-Prosperity 16-Profound Thinking 28-Creative Mantras
5-Self Confidence 17-Motivation 29-The Hidden Origin of Good
6-Inner Power 18-Superior Intelligence 30- The Powers of Nature
7-Inner Peace 19-How to Talk to Nature 31-Transcending the Limits
8-Creativity 20-The Truth about Angels 32-Spiritual Art
9-Spiritual Healing 21-Superior Goals 33-How to Overcome Addictions
10-Spiritual Sanity 22-Beyond Tomorrow 34-My Friends, My Enemies
11-Achievement 23-Conquering Death 35-Extraterrestrial Life
12-Forgiveness 24-Beyond Suffering 36-A Healthy Mind


Each day is a new beginning to improve ourselves and this website is presenting a great selection of a total of 112 Spiritual Courses to help You do that. The Courses offered are for Your Personal and Spiritual Growth. Make Your Selection and click on the Courses presented above to order. Choose in this Section #1 the Courses from # 1 to # 36. Each Course includes 144 Spiritual Teachings that will be sent  via email 3 times a week during one year starting the day that you subscribe and ending the next year. You'll receive 144 Spiritual Teachings during the whole year.
The Cost for each Course is $100 to be paid via Paypal

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