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"The teachings offered here are an act of service and Love. Let's call then, all human beings to drink of the spring of Spiritual Knowledge"

Taught by Master Oscar Basurto Carbonell
-His Spiritual Writings and Art have inspired people all around the world.

Our mission at Mystic Healing Art is to motivate and inspire people to realize their God given potential.

Sometimes this means teaching people how to meditate. Meditation allows the spiritual vision of the eternal reality and therefore, the liberation of pain, since we stop being spiritual ignorant and we reach the state of Spiritual Awakening.

Also, it means teaching you about Energy. The Energy that we refer to in Mystic Healing Art, is a special form of vibrating harmony. It is a force and source of equilibrium.

This Teaching is done through Writings, Spiritual Narrations, Reflections and much more, that are sent to you, to motivate and inspire you!
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So, if you think that negative emotions, such as, stress, depression or anxiety could potentially be the stumbling blocks to your progress, or if you're tired of not being able to reach the level of potential that you always wanted.
We would like you to give these courses a try.

These Courses are designed to bring out your very best.
We recommend you to see what these Courses can do for You!

These Courses are offered as 2 classes weekly during one month ( 8 classes )
or 4 classes weekly during one month ( 16 classes )
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These Courses are also available in English and Espaņol

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Art and Inspirational Writings created and copyrighted
 Mr. Oscar Basurto Carbonell.

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