"There were many hands that promised to take you, to guide you, to lead you, to go with you but when the time came, they were not there, because the true hands are always invisible. Nevertheless, instead of seen them, you can feel them, instead of understanding them, you must sense them.
These blessed hands are the hands of God. Allow yourself to be taken, to be guided, not by human wisdom but by Divine Inspiration"

Mr. Basurto Carbonell is a gifted Spiritual Healer and Spiritual Teacher who has dedicated his life to serve God and help people through his Spiritual Guidance,  Inspirational Writings, Teachings and Art Works.

What is a Consultation for Spiritual Guidance ?
It is never a prediction, foretelling or anything of that sort. It is Spiritual Orientation.

What to do if interested in a Consultation ?
Spiritual Guidance for National and International Appointments can be scheduled through email communication. The email address is yourhealingart@aol.com   Atte: Consultation with Mr. Basurto.

Fees Information:
Payments using PayPal, Personal Checks and Money Orders are accepted.


One Session $150
Three Sessions $400
Five Sessions $ 700

Postal Address ( for Checks and Money Orders)
Mr. Oscar Basurto Carbonell
P.O.Box 562054
Miami,FL 33256

Phone 786 353 2951


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All the Art and Inspirational Writings  presented in this website  are created and copyrighted by  Mr. Oscar Basurto Carbonell.


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