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I would like to thank you for allowing me into your hearts. The spiritual topics have constant relevance, they are extremely important and for these reasons we must treasure, study, honor and practice them.

Humanity has neglected to cultivate Peace in the last times; the excess of a hurried life has brought selfishness and suffering. For this reason, and redoubling the efforts, we present to you the School of Spiritual Healing, offering series of very complete courses and seminars, that will allow you to meet universal harmony and what is most important, the knowledge of God.
Mystic Healing Art is the area of the spiritual science, specifically dedicated to spiritual health; which is to re establish a personal relationship with Divine Love since the study of mystic healing art, allows us to re establish and to get inner and outer strength, reaching in this way, the true and perfect health.
We have developed the teaching material, taking into account and considering that the interested persons, will just initiate the study of the superior spiritual sciences. Mystic Healing Art is the bridge for the revelation of the mysteries of life, death and beyond.
Mystic Healing Art is also a way of life, a discipline and a wonderful expression to be and to live, with the total understanding of the laws of the Creator and His creation. For this reason, the study and knowledge are sustained and based closely and deeply in the cultivation of faith, of trust, of knowledge and balanced love but not limited, to the art of living in plenitude.
Mystic Healing Art offers the opportunity of learning at our own pace and also to eventually reach important spiritual levels where to improve integral health, ours and of the persons who surround us and who truly want to be helped. It also presents the procedures, art, philosophy, technique and doctrine of Mystic Healing Art. 
Now, we would like to call your attention that soon we will be presenting detailed information about the beginning of the courses, their length and all pertinent information.
I will finish by saying that: - Mystic Healing Art is a pleasant experience, a source of consistent growth and great depth, and where above everything, the spiritual experience is present.

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The Courses offered by the School of Spiritual Healing/Universal Mystic Healing Art School and Association  are offered for personal and spiritual growth.
Universal Mystic Healing Art School and Association is accredited by the Universal Light Church (Cong.#9183)

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