It is been said that to listen to heaven is necessary but it seems a difficult task.

The story goes about a man who firmly decided to be different from the rest -who did not care to listen, but rather put their attention on wordily affairs and not on heaven's.

But how could he do it and where could he listen to heaven? In other words, he needed to have some words, orientation, direction to be able to fulfill this, since to listen to the voice of heaven could be very important and majestic.

This man started looking in the largest city but he could only find the voices of men like him. He then decided that this could not be and went out of the largest city, which was like the capital of the nation, towards smaller cities.

He went to every place where the topic of heaven or the voice of heaven was spoken. He heard about planets, galaxies, universes, cosmos, but this was not what he was looking for and he moved away from the cities and the voices of men, thinking that he should look into higher places.

He started by climbing the trees to their tops but he could not listen to the voice of heaven. Then, he went up the mountains but nothing happened. "This is a delicate and truly hard issue" he said.

He tried twice as hard and went to higher mountains, isolated from the world and from everybody. His appearance seemed like not of this world. Until that moment, that was what he had achieved.

He then said: "Maybe there was an answer but I did not pay attention, I must be consciously alert now."
Days and nights passed by, he was trying to overcome sleep but in the morning, he was so tired for not being able to sleep that he was completely exhausted.

It happened one day, that he could not resist and during deep sleep he heard a voice saying:

"I know -said the voice, that you are looking for me, but until now you have not been able to find me. Look, pay attention: My voice is a song and a song to life. My voice is the only voice but few listen because they want to listen to something different to what I am.
Tell me, during your journey, have you listened to laughing and crying, to the wind and the sea?
But if you did, maybe you forgot to listen to the fundamental?"

The man awoke without knowing what that was, maybe a dream, madness, fantasy, obsessive demon?

"I certainly heard this and even more, the sound of the flight of a butterfly, flapping its delicate wings, I have listened to a drop of water, coming down and impacting the thirsty earth. I have listened to the voices of my thoughts, the happy and sad songs of my feelings and also of other men, women, children, but the fundamental. What is the fundamental? I don't understand, I don't comprehend, my mind cannot penetrate that knowledge."

Then, that dream, that communication, that promised message was hiding, was saying without saying; what that could be ? he did not know what it was.
He was completely desperate and called out, wanting to know, face to face, without distance or difference, he wanted to know, to listen to what the dream was revealing to him.

The fundamental, the fundamental, he would repeat in his head, so many times that he started thinking that he had turned into a bell ringing : fundamental, fundamental.
That man had found a key, like the one who has a chest and he knows that there is a treasure inside more valuable than gold, but how could he open that chest?
It was like being thirsty, a lot of thirst, being thirsty for freedom, being thirsty for being, for knowledge, for understanding, for not making mistakes, for not having to keep looking. But the fundamental was not near.

He extended his hand, opened his eyes, looking to the front, looking for the horizon, raising his head, fusing his being in that space illuminated by garlands, in those wonderful nights, where the stars were shining. But he could not listen to the fundamental yet.

He said: What can be? What is coming against me? It is like being in front of a door that when it opens, it will guide me to every path, but I can't open it.
Time and more time passed by, that man started his search while young but now he was an old man, very old and very tired, with a loss look, like that of a forgotten life, forgotten by everybody.
That man, that old man had a treasure, a treasure that could make him more than rich, more than powerful. And to be able to listen to the voice of the spirit, to the voice of God, could make him get to know the Creator Himself.
Maybe I am mad, maybe this is arrogance and ambition, how a simple mortal like me, can listen to the fundamental.
Very tired, with wrinkled bones and skin, and after days and days, he could not take it any longer and he fell on the road, without been able to get up. A light breeze was bringing some dust, and a little bit of breath, but nothing more.
He looked with his tired eyes, half opened to what could be his last vision, before leaving, dying. He was dying without been able to listen to the voice of the fundamental.

Somebody took notice that the man had fell with arms and legs extended on the road, without strength to take another step.

That person approached the man and said " Listen, old man of many, many days, of days found and days lost, what is the reason that you left your house without somebody to accompany you? maybe you got lost, where are you coming from? where do you want to go?
I found you and you are about to leave, for that reason, I will not leave you alone, I will be with you during these last moments."

" These last moments, these last moments" was what the old man was listening to and what he was trying to listen to was about the fundamental. Where could he find the key to open the treasure?

The person who found the old man, seemed to be worried and said: " Take some rest, don't fight it, look at this road, filled with flowers, they all are honoring you, even though they don't know who you are. They are showing you their colors and they are offering their perfume to your last destiny.
Today is a radiant and shiny day, get ready that you are going towards the embrace of the Creator, give up pain, attachment, illusion, resentment, bitterness, let go of enemies and friends, extend your wings covered with peace because your soul must arrive holy, clean and transparent. Just concentrate in the Love."

And that man as he exhaled his last breath, he understood, he understood everything.
He understood, the chest was open and he listened to the voice, to the Fundamental Voice of Love.



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