Meditation is a process in which the spiritual experience develops and deepens.

It first starts with simple, basic and general experiences such as been alert of the present and or self awareness but then, it offers another benefits, more certain and solid, which allow us to perceive what we were hiding and denying.
Then, by virtue and benefit, it is revealed  in a warm atmosphere of understanding and discernment.

One of the benefits of meditation is to  be aware of our limits and also to discover how to overcome them.

The human being usually is negligent towards himself and even more towards the others. That is why the spirituality is also discipline because the inner changes of man are not only produced by wishing but by conscious effort and it has been said and is fair to explain that spirituality is a grace and a gift that is received.

The explanation is, that the gift received is a seed that has to be cultivated. That is why it is so much proclaimed the need to keep and to cultivate spirituality.

Because it is true that it is grace, divine gift but also a commitment and responsibility. It is a meeting that requires participation, sincerity and loyalty.

Meditation benefits make us aware of our real position in the path to the communion with eternal "Love"



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