Meditation is a true spiritual experience because it allows us to be free of the erroneous information such as egoism. 

Meditation liberates of the egoism because when the mind calms down, we can transcend all distances and barriers between the universe and us. When there is neither distance nor separation, nobody is seen as more or less, any longer. We all are different but at the same time, we all are united by a fundamental Love.  

The fundamental Love is the spontaneous response that happens in the meditative contemplation, in which the grace of life is recognized in everything in existence. 

The grace of life is recognized in meditation, because it is an attribute revealed in the fundamental vision that gives meditation, since, by meditating, the essence is seen.

The essence or fundamental grace of life has multiple manifestations as well as everything that exists in the universe but its foundation, its primordial basis is always Love. 

Love is not only a personal feeling, or a circumstantial or conditional emotion. Love is not just to love. It is also "to be" in a real and perfect way. 

The revelation of the spiritual perfection is the knowledge of the truth of Love. 

The truth of Love is an essence that does not change and is not affected by time or space because in essence is the one that does not change.

Meditation calls absolute and perfect, to the primordial peace, which not only contemplates the mind in meditation, but gets diluted and becomes one with it. 

The unity in the spiritual peace is revealed in meditation because the egoistic desire of the individual mind is transformed.

The individual or conceptual mind is based on the ideas of the I but in the process of Meditation, this is discovered and revealed as a temporary appearance, which is transitory only. 

The transience of the mind, the temporary of the I, the duality of the thought are overcome and sublimated by the mind that contemplates the real state of the existential. This is then, the vision of the spiritual grace, which is solidarity, plenitude and peace. 

The spiritual plenitude happens, when by virtue of the meditation, the I is understood as a means but not as the end. But the spirit is realized in plenitude and as an eternal existence, which is also real. 

The spiritual reality or difference of  the transience of the mind springs forth from Meditation and is known as the state free of pain since it is  free of egoism. Then, the personal consciousness is transcended even beyond the spiritual consciousness.

The universal consciousness is the spiritual experience of Love. But of true Love and this true Love is not the love of "I love you, you love me" but means that You, I and the Universe stop being separated to become the own Love.

True Love is the only one capable of transcending the pain. This must be understood: Let's say that a person who meditates goes out his room,  falls from the stairs, breaks his head and does not have any pain? No, we are not referring to this, of course that we are not referring to this kind of pain. We are referring to other pain, the one brought by lack of love. We are referring then, to the pain brought by violence, by the wicked things, by lies. 

Meditation then, allows the spiritual vision of the eternal reality and therefore, the liberation of pain
, since we stop being spiritual ignorants and we reach the state of Spiritual Awakening.


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