One of the practical benefits of meditation is that allows a spiritual intimacy, far from many things or far from everything and where we will be able to self inquire the motives of what are we doing with our lives, as well as the different reasons of our actions.

Also asking ourselves  whether we are happy, have tranquility, and even going deeper, asking ourselves if our habits are edifying and if we act with solidarity and compassion.

Meditation allows us to analyze the different areas of our lives and then we will not let life pass by but we will be able to live alert of what is happening and discerning how we can improve and benefit of a true and real peace. 

Coming closer to meditation allows to take conscience of a permanent reality in a changing world since we discover the  essential if we are capable of looking within ourselves.

We will also see the spirit of each being and we will realize the encounter with reality. In this way, we will find compassion and meditation will be the integral method  toward reality's essence.

Another benefit is allowing to come closer to a true and perfect reality, which may be very near but that for different reasons we have seriously separated from.

We may have forgotten how fundamental and important is an smile,  friendship, cooperation, solidarity, empathy. The world may have absorbed us and we may be looking at life from a distance letting wonderful opportunities pass by. And meditation reminds us that the main bond with reality is and will always be compassion.

Humanity, many times, moves away and by mistake and in the name of God proclaims war and death. But meditation grows in the equilibrium of a peace with no frontiers and vividly reminds us and benefits us in this spirit, which is to know, to realize and to understand that we all are brothers because we all are born from  God who is just, true and what is most wonderful:  God who loves us in a genuine and eternal way.

Another benefit of meditation also is to remind us of that path and that destiny.



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